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Body Repairs

Body Repairs

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. It may not be your fault but, one day, your ŠKODA may be in need of professional repair. You’ll be faced with an important decision. Who will repair your ŠKODA back to its original condition? There is no reason to accept anyone less than a ŠKODA Approved Body Repairer. Regardless of who your insurance company is, by law, you are entitled to choose who repairs your car.

Finbarr Galvin Ltd is a member of the ŠKODA authorised repair network which has been created to ensure that the repair of every damaged ŠKODA is carried out to the highest possible standard. Only we can offer a three-year paint warranty and a 12-year body protection warranty against rusting through from the inside, which will give you peace of mind.

Your ŠKODA will benefit from up-to-the-minute equipment and repair techniques. From realignment to welding, refinishing to final preparation, you can rest assured that your ŠKODA will be restored to the highest standard. Throughout the repair process only original ŠKODA Parts are used, thereby maintaining the safety and integrity of your ŠKODA. Only original ŠKODA Parts are guaranteed to be built to the exact specifications of your car’s original components. All work will be performed by people who have been trained to the ŠKODA standard and who can utilise factory support and make reference to workshop repair manuals to ensure procedures are adhered to. When ready for refinishing, your ŠKODA will be thoroughly and skilfully prepared before the priming and repainting processes begin. The use of advanced paint systems allow for a high quality of finish to be achieved. Careful reassembly of your vehicle takes place prior to extensive quality checks and testing. Your ŠKODA will then be cleaned and returned to you in pristine condition.

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